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Atash Azarfar

Atash Simin Azarfar

designer and owner of the Spanish brand

She was born on February 4, 1977 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. She studied cinema (directing and screenwriting) but over time, due to the adverse conditions of work in Iranian cinema, decided to quit and, instead, pursue her passion in another field, which she had learned under the tutelage of a French professor years ago: fashion design, a job she had been dabbling in ever since her adolescence. She decided to register her own brand in Spain, a country she has always loved, with its pleasant traditions and happy inhabitants, whom she considers to be very close to her own people. Believing the fashion world to be her calling, endowing her with huge and mighty wings to take flight, she is now, with the help of the Lord, soaring higher and higher to the apex.